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Money 101

Earlier this year, GBB hosted another installment of Money 101, our attempt to improve financial literacy.  Kids and grandkids of our clients were invited to spend a few hours learning about stocks, the dangers of debt and credit, financial planning, and entrepreneurship.  The kids asked great questions and everyone enjoyed the day!

**Stay tuned for the series of 6 videos that will highlight the day's topics of Investments, Financial Planning, Credit, Evaluating a Job Offer, Paying for College, and Entrepreneurship.

Kelly Brothers, CFP®, MBA® Financial Advisor Partner

Entrepreneurship- Guest Speaker- Dale Carlsen- Founder of Sleep Train and President and CEO of Ticket to Dream Foundation, a public charitable foundation supporting foster children and other charitable causes.  His entrepreneurial story was very compelling for the young adults attending Money 101 this year. 

Paying for College- How do you pay for college, what is a FAFSA, how is the interest calculated on student loans, and how long it will take to pay it back?  How does that affect your budget after college?

Evaluating a job offer- What does a paycheck look like?  Comparing salary vs. total comp, calculating the monetary values of an offer, and what do you enjoy doing?

Credit- What is credit?  What to look for in a credit application, predatory lending, and the importance of your credit score.

Financial Planning- Setting Goals, delayed gratification, budgeting, the time value of money, and the benefits of putting away money early.

Investments- What is value investing, understanding the tools of investing, what’s a stock versus a bond, and are you an owner vs. a loaner.

Money 101- Introduction to the day!

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