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2018 Capital Cup Thumbnail

2018 Capital Cup

GBB's Kelly Brothers is a proud participant in the 2018 Sacramento Capital Cup on October 5-7th! The Capital Cup is a golf tournament featuring 28 executive leaders from around the Sacramento area, competing in the historic Ryder Cup format. The tournament promotes community pride, healthy competition, and raises money for some of Sacramento's most deserving charities.

From Kelly Brothers - "I am supporting the Capital Cup for two reasons.  First, I am so very impressed with what Curt Rocca has accomplished in founding this Tourney.  To go from zero to over $1Million raised in 3 years is an astounding feat!

Second, the Capital Cup gives me a chance to show support for the Boy Scouts of America.  I believe Scouting programs have never been needed more.   Scouting allows boys and girls the opportunity to put down their digital devices and engage in a program where expertise is learned, character is developed, and collaboration is encouraged; all in the great outdoors.   Scouts learn life skills, management skills, coping skills, and how to work as a member of a team.  One of my sons earned his Eagle and the second hopes to be an Eagle. Through their experiences,  I have witnessed Scouting’s impact on young people’s lives and future prospects.  Boy Scouts of America:  Prepared.  For Life."

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