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Have You Considered?


When was the last time you and Advisor reviewed your financial plan together?

Does your financial plan leave you with a clear picture of where you stand today, your possibilities in the short-term, and your path to achieve your financial goals?

Are you paying more in taxes than you used to? Are you taking advantage of all the available opportunities to save money tax-free?

Are your insurance policies adequate to provide for your family's needs should you suffer an unforeseen calamity?


Is your corporate cash being managed in a way that's tailored to your company's needs?

Do the members of your senior executive team have access to C-Suite financial planning that's tailored to their needs as executives at your firm?

Are your foundation's resources being managed by a firm with a disciplined, long-term approach that has built a solution customized to its liquidity needs and risk tolerance thresholds?


Are you working with an Advisor who makes certain there are no conflicts of interest between what's best for you and their incentives?

Does your Advisor communicate their fees with total transparency?


Are you working with an investment advisor who builds a researched, considered portfolio designed with your needs and tolerance for risk in mind?

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