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Participant Advocacy: Plan Design, Education, Advice


Participant advocacy is more than just participant education. It’s beginning-to-end retirement solutions tailored for the participant’s retirement future. We believe early engagement ensures employees can maximize their benefits received. Employees supported by a GBB advisor feel empowered, and feeling empowered creates good participant outcomes. Our goal is to put your employees in position to excel in meeting their retirement goals.

Most employees are not confident in their ability to build a saving and investment strategy, and we are focused on building confidence by improving the quality of saving and investment decisions.

GBB’s program is designed to increase and protect the retirement income of employees.  We have the track record to prove it. Our approach leverages our expertise in plan design, participant education, and participant advice to build a participant advocacy program.

Plan Design = automate a path towards success

Participant Education = inform and motivate

Participant Advice = make a great decision


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