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Our Values Make Us Different

GBB was founded in 1987 on the premise that a collaborative team could better serve clients’ interests than any one individual.  The goal has always been to provide informed advice to help our clients meet their financial goals.  In order to avoid conflicts of interest with our clients, we've always believed we needed to maintain our independence. Our guiding principal then remains the same today – to act in our clients’ best interest. Always.

As GBB has grown over the years, we have gained new capabilities, but our core values have not changed. Our Core Values are the principles that underpin how we behave in everything we do, and they translate to Client Value


We GBBers have an inherent commitment to service. We value our clients and our relationships with them as our most important asset. We are driven to help clients achieve their financial goals. We advocate for our clients.  We have structured our business to avoid conflicts of interest. We disclose how we’re compensated, and we align our compensation with client outcomes, not sales of particular products. If we’re not the right partner for you, we’ll tell you.  We work in Your Best Interest. Always.


We know that trust must be built over years and can be lost in an instant. We do what is right, we hold ourselves accountable for what we do and say, and we confront reality, even when it’s hard. If a client is impacted by our mistake, we make them whole, no questions asked.  We know there is no quick way to achieving your financial goals. We work hard, set the bar high, and we don’t cut corners.  GBB is built on High Standards. No Short Cuts.


Successful outcomes are the result of hard work and disciplined processes.  We set high standards for the service we provide our clients.  We put in the work to be able to provide sound advice. We relentlessly strive to improve our firm and ourselves.  We hire experts and people committed to becoming experts.  We are continually building our bench of CFPs, CFAs, CPAs, CLUs, and other accredited professionals.  In our approach to both investment and planning, we make choices with the long-term in mind, and we commit to A Disciplined Approach.


We believe we are stronger as a team than we are as individuals.  We feature each other’s strengths with clients, and we believe that approach is a competitive advantage. We enjoy each other’s company and watch each other's backs. We teach each other; we learn from each other. We consider the possibility that we could be wrong. We help each other succeed. 

At the same time, proactive communication and attention to detail is the foundation of our practice.  For most folks, their needs change over time, and our team will stay in close touch, evolving our service and your financial plan to meet those needs.  We Pay Attention.


As a local firm for more than 30 years, we’ve always put a premium on investing in the Sacramento community. We’re all raising our families here right alongside our clients, and it matters to us to be reliable, just like a good neighbor. GBBers care about Sacramento and its people; we invest our time, talent and resources to enrich the community. We believe strengthening our community is in our clients’ best interest as well as our own. We’re Your Neighbor.


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