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Know where you stand…

Part of understanding how to help you secure your financial future is learning where you are the day you walk in the door. We’ve never met a client who was perfectly happy with every aspect of their financial life.  If the current situation isn’t as rosy as you’d like, well, you’re like many of our clients.  There are no short cuts, but we can make finding a Clear Path a whole lot easier.  We'll assess your current income

streams,  assets you have now or will likely have soon, as well as debts you have now or will likely have soon. We’ll discuss what else is changing and what is staying the same, and what the priorities are and should be. We’ll talk about any risks in your life and whether those risks are appropriately covered by insurance. We’ll learn about your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to managing money.

…and where you’re headed.

This is where financial planning can be a lot of fun. We get to talk about your dreams and your opportunities. We help you paint the picture of what you’d like your life to be like in the future. Of course, we’ll ask about your fears and the threats to your financial security as well. To make sure we’ve covered everything that matters, we’ll ask a lot of questions, likely including many about all the major possible components of your life, things like:

Career + Post-Career  /  Family  /  Health  /  Education  /  Home  /  Leisure  /  Giving  /  Legacy


Flowing from your goals, four important concepts will help determine how much money you may be able to generate for the future.  We can account for all of them, but we have more control over the first two than the second two:

  • How much you save
  • The time horizon until you need the money (or, how early you start to save)
  • The investment return
  • Inflation

In the context of your objectives and constraints, we’ll map out your future income streams and costs, one time and ongoing, as well as both assets and debts in the future.  We’ll prioritize them together, so we can think clearly about tradeoffs if that becomes necessary. Our planning tools help us model future cash flows and compare different scenarios you’re considering.  The building  of financial plans is some of our favorite work, and where our expertise shines.

Build Recommendations for the Path from Here to There

Once we’ve listened and understood, our responsibility is to recommend a plan. The plan is likely to feature savings, spending, investment, account structure, and insurance suggestions. One of the most important of those recommendations will be on the specific investment vehicles we believe are right for you. We’ll give you an idea of how long you may need to work to afford your desired cost of living in retirement. We can also propose additional steps your Clear Path should include, like referrals to legal, banking, or accounting specialists outside our firm. 

A Living Plan

Building a financial plan isn’t a one-time activity. We will evolve the plan as your life evolves, and invite you to revisit it each year so that it can live and grow with you. With a Clear Path Financial Plan built with GBB, you’ll know where you stand and where you’re heading.

We Use a Collaborative Approach

During the financial planning process, you’ll be working not only with your lead Financial Advisor, but also with that Support Advisor, who will take point on building the financial plan. He or she will be part of the information gathering, will play an important role in presenting the financial plan, and, as the plan is a living document that evolves as you live your life, will be involved in our relationship, updating the plan and communicating your progress as we go.

At GBB, you’re a client of the firm. Our entire team is at your service when you work with us. When a team member’s expertise can add value to the conversation, we’ll bring him or her in. You’ll also work closely with your Client Service Specialist, our Trader will be implementing your investment portfolio behind the scenes, and depending on your needs, you’ll work with our Director of Insurance Services. Working with a team helps make your experience with GBB exceptional.


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