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Schwab Drops Trade Fees on ETFs to $0, TD Matches

From Investment News, "Just 10 hours after Charles Schwab announced it was eliminating trading commissions on U.S. stocks, exchange traded funds and options starting Oct. 7, rival TD Ameritrade Holding Corp. upped the ante by cutting the same commissions starting Oct. 3." Mike Genovese commented, "We believe Fidelity will follow suit shortly, so all GBB fee-based clients should benefit equally from these cost reductions from our primary custodians." GBB's Investment Director, Rich Cheever, commented, "A price war broke out this month between brokerage firms when Charles Schwab announced that it was eliminating commission for online trading of U.S. stocks, exchange-traded funds and options effective October 7th.  TD Ameritrade has followed suit and eliminated online commission for ETFs and U.S. listed stocks as well.  Fidelity has not made an announcement yet, but we expect that they will be forced to eliminate commissions as well to stay competitive.  The announcement doesn’t impact trading of mutual...
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