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When Life Gives You Lemons: Consider a Roth Conversion

When Life Gives You Lemons: Consider a Roth Conversion
Yes, I know how corny that sounds and I know that a Roth conversion won’t quench your thirst during these hot summer days, but it just may help you create something even sweeter- a family legacy of tax-free income. We believe some of the best opportunities for long term success are solidified in the financial lemons thrown our way. Here is a real story of a Sacramento family turning serious lemons that were thrown at them into a legacy for their children. For privacy reasons the client’s names and details have been altered. The Smith family are Sacramento natives who run a successful construction business. They have been family owned for two generations and the two sons, Peter and Ken were responsible for running and growing the business. The Smith Brothers spent their careers building local homes with Smith Construction since college. Both Peter and Ken were involved in the...
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