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12 Activities To Do While You're Sheltering at Home Thumbnail

12 Activities To Do While You're Sheltering at Home

Here in California, and around much of the country, we have been ordered to "shelter in place". While we would much rather be out doing business as usual, why not take this down time to learn something new, or try something you've always wanted to? Here are 12 activities to do while sheltered in place.

Try a new recipe – Look up a recipe for something you’ve been waiting to try or pull out an old recipe you haven’t had the time to make.Have a theme night and make it into a group activity by having everyone make part of the meal.

Podcasts– Start listening to a new podcast! They keep your brain moving and you can learn something, there’s a podcast on pretty much any subject!

Indoor workouts– Check out YouTube for some at home workouts! There are videos for HIIT, Yoga, Zumba, meditation, and so much more.

Reorganize– Work on all your backburner projects that you haven’t had the time to get to. Reorganize the cabinets, clean, redecorate!

Read– Grab an old book off the bookshelf or download an audiobook to listen to while you do other things around the house!

Learn a new language – Download an app like Duolingo and learn a new language! Set a goal on the app and try to reach it every day.

TV and Movies– Re-watch a series you love or watch a movie or show you have been meaning to watch.

Get Outdoors– Spend some time in your backyard! Do some gardening, a BBQ, or just lay in the sun. Go for a walk around the block or go on a local hike.

Play a Board Game- Pull out your favorite board game for the family to play! Keep score of who wins to make it a competition!

Self-care day - Lounge around in your pajamas, take a bubble bath, and watch a little extra TV!

Call a loved one– Stay in contact with your friends and family! Utilize video chat to keep up with loved ones and help each other pass the time.

Have a movie night– Make some popcorn and put on a classic! Pull out your favorite movie theatre snacks and pretend you’re at the theatres!

Have a favorite activity that's not on the list? Please share it with us!

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