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Plan Design


GBB has a wealth of experience in designing all types of qualified and non-qualified retirement benefit programs.

When it comes to employee outcomes and their ability to retire, more can be accomplished in the boardroom than in the breakroom.  Based on experience with our clients, we have found that design of the retirement plan is the largest determinant of a plan’s overall effectiveness. We believe features such as automatic enrollment, automatic escalation, and investment re-enrollment affect participant success tremendously.

We believe plan sponsors should evaluate plan design holistically with a focus on aspects of design that can have the largest impact on the total employee population. For the task of getting the best outcomes for the most employees, GBB can help.

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Money 101

Earlier this year, GBB hosted another installment of Money 101, our attempt to improve financial literacy.  Kids and grandkids of our clients were invited to spend a few hours learning about stocks, the dangers of debt and credit, financial planning, and entrepreneurship.  The kids asked great questions and everyone enjoyed the day!

**Stay tuned for the series of 6 videos that will highlight the day's topics of Investments, Financial Planning, Credit, Evaluating a Job Offer, Paying for College, and Entrepreneurship.

Kelly Brothers, CFP®, MBA | Financial Advisor | Partner 7/12 Money 101- Introduction to the day!


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