Fireworks over the downtown Sacramento skyline, home to the private wealth management firm Genovese Burford & Brothers


This isn’t just a job, it’s a career.

At Genovese Burford & Brothers, we’re very particular with who we hire. We have to be. Our clients expect the highest levels of service, expertise, and integrity.

We’re always on the lookout for the next generation of GBB Financial Advisors.

Our Financial Advisors hold themselves to a different standard. They bring expertise and experience, yes, and also the commitment to putting the client’s interests first and working as a team that distinguishes Genovese Burford & Brothers from other firms. They love what they do, and that passion and compassion shows through in each interaction with prospects and clients.

Our co-workers, like our clients, tend to stay with Genovese Burford & Brothers for years. There’s a reason for it; it’s a great place to work just like it’s a great firm to have in your corner. We all work together, each of us motivating those around us with our commitment to high standards; no short cuts. Together, we strive each day to earn the right to be known as the Trusted Wealth Advisors.

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Chief Operating Officer

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Money 101

Earlier this year, GBB hosted another installment of Money 101, our attempt to improve financial literacy.  Kids and grandkids of our clients were invited to spend a few hours learning about stocks, the dangers of debt and credit, financial planning, and entrepreneurship.  The kids asked great questions and everyone enjoyed the day!

**Stay tuned for the series of 6 videos that will highlight the day's topics of Investments, Financial Planning, Credit, Evaluating a Job Offer, Paying for College, and Entrepreneurship.

Kelly Brothers, CFP®, MBA | Financial Advisor | Partner 7/12 Money 101- Introduction to the day!


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